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Visitors find images more helpful than text alone. is building a digital encyclopaedia to make tourist attractions accessible.
We are an innovative platform that provides information, tickets and reviews of attractions in India.

Message from CEO

I welcome you to the website.

We are building a digital encyclopaedia to make tourist attractions accessible in India.

Whether you’re a prospective attraction here to find out how we connect the attractions and travellers, or a traveller exploring the attractions, I trust you’ll find what you’re looking for here as we continue to build

We partner with both ticketed and non-ticketed attractions, to bridge the information gap between the attractions and the travellers. We also provide online ticketing solutions for the travellers’ convenience, and connect them with attractions by inviting the travellers’ reviews and their experiences at these attractions.

Though there are only a few attractions for you to explore right now, do visit us again as we will soon be bringing more attractions for you to discover.

I am thankful to our attraction partners for believing in us and our services. Your commitment and partnership gave us wings to launch our services for the discerning travellers.

I am equally thankful to the travellers for supporting us as we continue to partner with more and more attractions.

Enjoy navigating our website and feel free to contact us for suggestions or additional information.

Anshul Jindal
Chief Executive Officer

The Story Behind

It all started when Anshul got the idea to build a travel portal for attractions in India a few years ago. This led him to research travel portals. He noted that the information provided about attractions on two different travel portals was neither consistent nor updated. He also noted that some attractions didn’t have websites of their own, or the information they provided was not as detailed as travellers would want. He also thought that digitisation of tickets would be a great addition to both the attractions and the travellers.

To focus and work on his idea full-time, Anshul left his tax consulting position with one of the global consulting firms in December 2017.

Following that, he spent a lot of time further researching the level of detailed information available for attractions in India, how convenient it was to book tickets, and how well the attractions were connected with the travellers through reviews. While researching, he started travelling and exploring attractions. He also met up with the senior management of these attractions and they agreed with his research findings that there exists a significant shortfall in the level of detailed, complete, updated and reliable information provided to the travellers, the requirement for an online ticket booking system for the convenience of the travellers, and a need for a more robust review system. The research also noted some of the resource limitations of a few attractions have in building such systems themselves. He received overwhelming and encouraging feedback from attractions. was born, with the commitment and partnership of some attractions, for the benefit of attractions and travellers equally. Hope that you would enjoy the services specially curated for your convenience.

Moving forward with your feedback and suggestions, both iOS and Android Apps will be built.

Our Team

Anshul Jindal
Chief Executive Officer
Ankur Jindal
Head of Technology
Varuna Jindal
Marketing Advisor
A Sarkar
Policy and Legal Advisor
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